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<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/tiffany-heater" title="View articles by Tiffany Heater">Tiffany Heater</a>
Account Manager | Burpee

Tiffany Heater, account manager for Burpee, was born and raised gardening with her parents in Howell, N.J. She lives in Delaware Twp., NJ., with her husband and little girl, where they tend to a ¼ acre garden that grows much of their own food. Tiffany loves to cook, as well as jar anything that's in season to enjoy during the winter.

Tiffany Heater
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/scott-mozingo" title="View articles by Scott Mozingo">Scott Mozingo</a>
Product Manager, Burpee

As product manager, Scott has the sweet job of selecting each of the varieties in the Burpee Home Gardens catalog. What does he look for? Trialed garden performance, unique flower colors, and tasty flavors. He's ready with an answer to your gardening questions, and he offers a sneak peek at what's new in the garden shop!

Scott Mozingo
Michael Annes
Michael Annes
Burpee Program Rep

Mike has always looked to Burpee for outstanding garden-performing vegetables for his own garden, and now he's selling these amazing varieties as part of the Burpee Team! Enjoy his insight into what it takes to be a successful green-thumb gardener.

<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/denielle-noe" title="View articles by Denielle Noe">Denielle Noe</a>
Program Administrator

Denielle is always excited to see what's new from Burpee. She especially loves when it's colorful and she can "play" with her food! With real-world tips and advice, she can guide you toward garden success and the creative possibilities beyond!

Denielle Noe
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/tim-duffin" title="View articles by Tim Duffin">Tim Duffin</a>
Brand Manager

Tim enjoys his patio and container garden full of small-space veggies and colorful flowers, and he understands how a tiny footprint can still amaze neighbors and friends. As Burpee Brand Manager, Tim is eager to hear about what gardeners find exciting and frustrating when they grow their own food. Be sure to share your obstacles and success with him!

Tim Duffin
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/avery-marcott" title="View articles by Avery Marcott">Avery Marcott</a>
Burpee Marketing

Throughout her college career, Avery has become an avid small space gardener, mastering the concepts of creative container gardening on her apartment balcony. With a degree in Horticulture, she’s ready to share her garden experiences and help answer any gardening questions thrown her way.

Avery Marcott
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/bill-calkins" title="View articles by Bill Calkins">Bill Calkins</a>
Burpee Program Representative

Bill is keen on the latest garden trends, and he loves to share what he observes. As our independent garden center business manager, he's seen all kinds of nurseries across North America — and beyond! Bill is fascinated by the plant-shopping process, and how gardeners translate their purchases into beautiful outdoor spaces.

Bill Calkins
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/kevin-taylor" title="View articles by Kevin Taylor">Kevin Taylor</a>
Guest Burpee Blogger

Kevin is new to gardening, but he's no stranger to DIY. He's proud of his craftsman heritage and isn't afraid to tackle new projects. As a recent member of the Burpee team, he's eager to share with you his newbie experiences with his first home vegetable garden. His wife and toddler will be his soundboards on whether his new food-growing hobby is a success.

Kevin Taylor
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/abbie-clark" title="View articles by Abbie Clark">Abbie Clark</a>
Burpee Marketing

Abbie graduated from the University of Florida with a major in public relations, and was part of a grass-roots initiative that shares the love of plants on campus - and beyond! She's a newbie to gardening herself, but always eager to learn new skills and improve.

Abbie Clark
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/alyson-mull" title="View articles by Alyson Mull">Alyson Mull</a>
Social Media Manager

If you're a fan of our Burpee Instagram pages, meet Alyson! She's our social media maven, and she engages with fellow gardeners online to celebrate all their succeses. She has answers for your challenges, too, so don't be shy! Whether it's experiences from her own garden plot, or exciting projects and recipes from the world wide web, Alyson is ready to share the joy of gardening with Burpee.

Alyson Mull
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/george-ball-jr." title="View articles by George Ball Jr.">George Ball Jr.</a>
President of W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

George Ball Jr. is the President of W. Atlee Burpee & Co., the most trusted name in home vegetable gardening. Burpee produces the highest possible quality products with conscientious service, and an enormous quantity of seed selections. Burpee's creative innovation can be seen in the latest catalogue and will be seen for years to come.

George Ball Jr.
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/joe-lampl" title="View articles by Joe Lamp’l">Joe Lamp’l</a>
Executive Producer and Host | Growing a Greener World

Joe Lamp’l, founder of The joe gardener® Company, now brings his expertise to viewers through his own show on public television, "Growing a Greener World". A gardening and sustainability communicator through all forms of media and sought-after speaker, Joe shares his knowledge in books, on his blog Compost Confidential, his syndicated column “The Gardener Within”, appearances on the "Today Show", "Good Morning America", "The Victory Garden" and as host of two previous television shows, "Fresh from the Garden" on the DIYNetwork and
"GardenSmart" on PBS. His new show, "Growing a Greener World", is all about the people, places and organizations doing good things for the planet with an emphasis on gardening.

Joe Lamp’l
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/theresa-loe" title="View articles by Theresa Loe">Theresa Loe</a>
Associate Producer | Growing A Greener World

Theresa Loe is the Associate Producer of Growing A Greener World TV and the resident canning expert, blogging about preserving tips and techniques. Theresa is also the owner of Living Homegrown Fresh, a website dedicated to living locally and sustainably through gardening and canning. She specializes in small space gardening, urban homesteading, educational school gardens and is trained as a Master Food Preserver. Theresa gardens on less than 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles and is able to raise chickens, grow enough food to feed her family of four and preserve the harvest. She has shared this gardening knowledge as a columnist, book author, radio correspondent, video host and video/TV producer.

Theresa Loe
<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/burpee" title="View articles by Burpee">Burpee</a>
Edible Gardening Team Members

The Burpee team of experts is ready to share their knowledge with you!

<a class="blog-contributor-name" href="/Blog/Contributors/jessie-atchison" title="View articles by Jessie Atchison">Jessie Atchison</a>
Burpee Home Gardens Brand Manager, 2008-2010

Jessie Atchison was the brand manager of Burpee Home Gardens from 2008 to 2010. An avid gardener herself, Jessie started her first vegetable garden at age 8. Since then, through experimentation, practice, practical conversations with fellow gardeners and professional instruction, she has learned how to make gardens sweet, delicious and successful. As a busy 30-something juggling professional life and family, Jessie gardens to escape but also for taste, satisfaction, savings and fun (and, secretly, also to keep up with “the garden lady” down the block). She has tips, tricks and confidence-inspiring advice for vegetable gardeners at all levels. Her motto: Grow as a gardener. It’s okay to fail as long as you learn.

Jessie Atchison