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Peppermint Stick

A beautiful addition to herb planters and mixed containers. Use the leaves and stalks for fresh seasoning.

This unique red celery is a real culinary delight! The striped candy pink and green stalks shade to green leaves. Intense, full-flavored celery is perfect for any kitchen garden, with abundant yields of 1/4-in. (.6 cm) stalks. A beautiful addition to herb planters and mixed combos. Use the leaves and stalks for fresh seasoning all year. Tends to keep its color when cooked. Very slow to bolt. Harvest outer stalks and inner stalks will grow for later harvesting; features a long harvest period.

Spacing: 7-8in (18-20cm)

Height: 10-24in (25-60cm)

Width: 10in. (25cm)

Exposure: Full Sun - 6+ hours direct sun

Peppermint Stick
Harvest outer stalks first, cutting or snipping them with a garden knife or clippers. Leave the inner stalks to grow for later harvesting for a cut-and-come-again experience all season.
Under optimal conditions, celery can be stored for up to seven weeks between 32 and 36 deg F (0 and 2 deg C).
Every part of a celery plant is edible. Celery seed is actually a very small fruit, and can be used as a flavoring or spice—either whole or ground and mixed with salt. Celery salt is a tasty ingredient in cocktails, on Chicago-style hot dogs, or in Old Bay Seasoning. As an herb celery, this variety has a very intense flavor. It's perfect to use in soups or as a last-touch seasoning. Raw celery is a low-calorie snack, however this type is much more robust and may not have the same application as ribbed celery does. It is, however, the perfect proportion as a flavored stir-stick for your favorite tomato-based drinks.
The early reasons for cultivating celery were for medicinal purposes. Then it was grown as a spice, and finally as a food.